Do I need springs on my door with a garage door opener?

Yes, absolutely you do.  Your garage door opener simply takes the place of you.  The springs and cables do all the work, not the door opener. Why won’t my door close, unless I hold down the button? The photocells (safety sensors) at the bottom of the opening are blocked, dirty, or faulty.  Check to see that there is no obstruction, clean the lenses off and check for spider webs and dust.  Adjust both lenses to be sure they line up and lights go on.  The door should work.  If not, call a professional as they may need to be replaced.

Can I fit a garage door opener in my garage?

In most cases it can be done.  If you have at least 2" from the high arch of the door to the ceiling, a garage door can generally be installed.  There are new types of residential openers that are UL approved that actually mount on the side, up at the top and do not require the same amount of headroom. 


Is there a universal remote and keypad ?

Yes there is a universal remote and keypad for most model openers.  Some of the old units may not be compatible and require brand specific remotes. I pulled the red cord, why can't I open my door? It is probably not the door opener at fault, but the door itself.  You probably have a broken spring or cable.  These parts do the actual work of lifting the door, not the electric door opener.

Can I replace the spring myself ?

It is always a good idea to have a professional do this type of repair.  Springs are under a great deal of pressure and can be very DANGEROUS  to work with.

How often should I have the door/opener serviced?

You should service your door and opener every year.  You should TEST your garage door opener every month, especially if you have children.

Do you do safety inspections?

Yes.  We check the door as well as the opener for worn parts and proper operation of the door and the opener.  After checking those things, we will advise you as to what is needed as well as the cost to do so.

If I do not have the "safety beams" is that okay?

All garage door openers manufactured after January of 1993 are required to have photocells.  If the opener was installed prior to 1993, you are not required to remove it, but most garage door companies  will recommend that it be replaced and will not repair it.  In most cases you will find that parts are no longer available for pre photocell units.